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Garage Club
Full Service Auto Repair Providing auto repair, brake service, tires, transmissions & oil changes located in Sterling, Loudoun County, VA

The Garage Club is a fee-for-membership club that provides club members discounts on parts and service and allows supervised access to the garage facilities during off or underutilized times for do-it-yourself projects. Members can use the online calendar to schedule time at the shop and can also arrange for professional help with their projects if necessary.

The club also provides options for its clients’ “oh no” moments. We stock common supplies, fasteners, fittings, light bulbs, etc. And, since we have accounts with parts suppliers, many items are only a phone call away during normal business hours.

As anyone who has worked on their car knows, sometimes things don’t quite go the way you plan and we understand. Club members never have to worry about not finishing their project due to an unforeseen complication. You can imagine the hassle of trying to tow your car when it is disassembled. Though we don’t have the ability to offer long-term storage options for all of our clients, we have space inside and outside the shop to accommodate unfinished projects if the need arises. 

The $20 per month membership provides access to basic tools and to the general shop equipment: wheel and tire machines, parts cleaner, press, floor jacks, car wash area, etc.  More advanced tools like scanners, lifts, welders, the alignment rack, and the paint booth are available for an hourly fee.  Details are provided in our online contract. Click here to become a member. Buy Now

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Sports Cars Repair Shop \ Providing auto repair, brake service, tires, transmissions & oil changes located in Sterling, VA 20166